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~ Etiquette ~



We all recall old movie images of golfers wearing trousers with a crease, shirt and tie and an Argyle tank top. While golf course attire has changed over the years, taking on various shapes and colours, Ovidius Golf Club still requires the preservation of values of sartorial elegance, whilst combining them with more practical modern elements.

Five minutes early is late

When it comes to actually starting your game, the primary rule of etiquette is to show up on schedule for your tee time. That means you will have already done everything else in preparation for the start of the golf game: warm-up, practice, purchasing balls, getting equipped and picking up a cart. Being early is a matter of consideration for others.

Leave mobile phones in the real world

The exclusion of mobile phones is another common courtesy on the links. Mobile phones should be left in your car or locker. If you do need to bring one onto the course for emergencies, keep it turned off or inform your fellow golfers that it might be necessary to use it.

Consideration for your group

When you’re on the course, you’ll need to understand how the other golfers in your group want to play. Some let the best score tee off on the next hole, while others let whoever is ready tee off first. This is the reason why the rules of the game must be established prior to starting. Even when golfing with friends, respect the fundamental rule of keeping quiet during shots, and standing out of the direct line of vision.