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~ Activities ~

The club aims to organise a number of optional activities for members, throughout the year.

~ OGC Awards Gala 

as with any grand event, the Awards Gala will also feature a ball. Time of year: October/November

Queen Marie Cup 

Queen Marie Cup is an event that proposes, besides golf tournament, activities dedicated to non-playing companions, activities that particularly shall promote art and cultural values.

Golf competitions 

golf games will be organised either exclusively for club members, or open to members and non-members alike.

Golf promotion 

holding open-door events to which club members may invite guests, in order to instil in them a love for this sport.


thematic events will be announced periodically, to be held in locations which meet the expectations of club members and offer a relaxing and interesting setting.

Three-course tour 

a tour of three golf courses (in different countries or in the same country) will be organised each year. This event shall be open only to club members. This tour will start in 2014.