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~ About Us ~

Ovidius Golf Club aims to create unique moments, by bringing poetry to the game of golf. Just as Ovid, the spiritual patron of this club, known to us as the ‘poet of love’, was forever in love with his poetry, it is our desire that those who love golf may be able to show and share this joy with others who feel the same way.

Success in golf depends less on bodily strength than on the strength of mind and character, the sense of fair play and respect for others and yourself. All these qualities can make you a true golf player. You are only in competition with yourself, and the pleasure of playing the game comes from sharing it with like-minded people.

A golfer’s life may be characterised by the manner in which he holds the club, just as the rhythm of his life can be felt in the rhythm of his game. Ovidius Golf Club challenges you to be yourself and make your contribution to the preservation of golfing values. We challenge you to dedicate yourself to supporting and promoting these values for future golf lovers.

The development of a homogeneous group with a joint interest in golf-related projects may make all the difference in finding practical solutions for creating a favourable environment for the development of golf in Romania. The benefits of such actions will have both a short-term impact on golf lovers, as well as a long-term impact on future generations, which will be educated in the spirit of etiquette, elegance and a lifestyle based on respect. All these values can be instilled by golf.

Golf is a journey during which you always learn something new; you experience a special feeling, or recapture that special something that you needed prior to stepping onto the green. The return from this journey requires a moment of respite before the return to real life, a storybook moment in which you share your experience with others. What could be more pleasant than savouring a cognac with fellow club members and slowly coming back to reality while sharing recollections of a unique moment? Sparkling and friendly conversations giving rise to new perspectives in each of our lives.